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TMA represents the interests and development of importers, manufacturers and sellers of agricultural tractors, machinery and agricultural technology in Australia. Aiming to speak as one voice for the industry on issues relating to government regulation and legislation, WHS, industry training and development and market sales statistics for the industry and its members. We go to great lengths to help power your business so you can power our future. So when it comes to finding the best resources, whether it be financial, marketing, WHS or recruitment support, we have connections with some of the best names in the industry.
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The TMA has an expansive membership base ranging from multi-national corporations to machinery dealers to rural based engineering and manufacturing businesses. We welcome new members and believe we have an excellent benefits package available to members, which includes industry representation, comprehensive and relevant training packages and regular industry newsletters.
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In 2021, our key advocacy focus has been on the Productivity Commission’s draft report on Right to Repair. Following Commission’s inquiry submission process and a meeting with Commission representatives, the TMA submitted closing comments for the Commissioners’ consideration. This document highlights the TMA’s position on draft and final recommendations made by both the Productivity Commission and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in recent reports concerning Right to Repair and the agricultural machinery market. The TMA’s position on a number of issues is orientated around a major underlying factor impacting the industry and consumers – the serious lack of service technicians in rural communities, which impacts not only dealership workshop capacity to service customers but the number of independent repairers in those communities.

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Our monthly sales report enables our members to make informed business decisions through the provision of timely data through collection and ownership of market statistics.

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Driving action on opportunities by bringing together industry leaders.

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Keeping our members at the forefront of safety and regulatory standards to ensure our agricultural community is safe.

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