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November 16, 2022

Advocacy Update

Here is an update of key advocacy activities in which the TMA is involved.

Right to Repair.Productivity Commission Report delivered to Treasury for review and possible implementation.Advice from Treasury is that no action on this matter is expected for some time. A copy of the Motor Vehicle Information Sharing Scheme is now available on the TMA website. It is likely that this will be the model used for our industry.

Engine Emissions for Non Road Diesel Engines.TMA has been actively engaged with the Dept of Environment throughout who are now conducting quantitative analysis to determine extent of emissions.Recommendations on possible actions have now been submitted to the Minister for consideration. Further consultation expected through 2023.
Development of a Code of Practice for Autonomous VehiclesWorking in conjunction with Grain Producers Association and Society for Precision Agriculture Australia, Stage 1 of the Code has been completed and submitted to WA Govt and Federal Worksafe Australia for endorsement.Next Stage involving community engagement and full government endorsement to commence in 2022.

Planning for full adoption in 2024/25.

National  Qualification and Skills Standards for the Industrying. TMA has been a member of the Industry Reference Committee advising Skills Australia for around five (5) years now which has led to creation of specific modules for precision ag within the curriculum.. These IRC’s are being disbanded and replaced with Industry Clusters.TMA membership of this new structure to continue.
Productivity of Australian PortsTMA has been very vocal expressing our concerns to DAWE regarding ongoing problems with handling of imports at Australian Ports. The Productivity Commission has begun a project to investigate this matter.TMA has lodged a submission with the Productivity Commission on behalf of members.

A draft report has been released for comment.

Victorian Telehandler LicensingVictoria remains out of step with the rest of the nation in requiring a crane license to operate a telehandler 3 tonne and over. Worksafe conducting yet another review into this matterWorksafe (VIC) have advised the development of a High-Risk Work Licence (HRWL) specifically for telehandlers, encompassed in the existing non-slewing mobile crane licence (CN licence).
Proposed Amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 – Prescribed Plant. (Worksafe Vic)This includes changes that capture incidents relating to the collapse, overturning, failure or malfunction of, or damage to, plant to be notifiable if that plant is prescribed under the regulations.TMA has made a submission
Standards Australia – Smart Farming International WorksSA has launched a project aimed at developing standards for smart farming .

TMA have been invited to propose an expert to sit on the steering committee for this work

TMA is currently represented by Wesley Gorst (CNHI).

Initial meetings have commenced