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April 5, 2017

Amping up advocacy

One of the great things about the tractor and machinery sector is that we are uniquely positioned in the centre of the industry supply chain – a position that provides opportunity for diversification and growth. Those of us in this sector understand our role in the supply chain, and we work to help our clients deal with a multitude of variables from the weather conditions to global markets.

However, as providers of specially manufactured machinery we too are influenced by market variables such as the state of the resources sector and global currency fluctuations.
A major outcome of the 2016 TMA Conference was the call from attendees for greater industry advocacy. While at first glance advocacy might take the shape of political engagement, delegates at last year’s conference together with members across the country have emphasised that advocacy is a much broader stroke. Advocacy first requires understanding the wants and needs of industries surrounding our own and how that impacts our members’ businesses.

With this in mind, the TMA is making a move to ramp up this side of our work. As a national organisation, members are prioritising key issues across the industry at a national level, such as the move toward a national harmonisation of regulations for the transportation of oversized equipment. This involves working together not only with TMA members across the country but also the identification of and cooperation with state and national stakeholder groups that are also affected by this issue – such as the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) and the individual state farming organisations.

This cooperation fosters greater understanding and means that the Australian industry becomes increasingly competitive in a global marketplace – the more our industries work together, the less siloed our innovations and ideas that make the big changes.

Alongside this, the louder and more active the voice of the TMA members, the more other interested stakeholders will rally beside us to cooperate and bring about much-needed changes in line with the local and global business conditions we navigate.

An advocacy body such as ours is only as strong as its members and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the TMA members on their active effort to drive the organisation forward. If there’s a business issue that’s important to you or if you have ideas for driving the advocacy of the TMA further, please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9813 8011 or email us.