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August 4, 2020

Victorian Stage 4 Restrictions – Agriculture

Victorian Stage 4 Restrictions
Agriculture is an Essential Service

August 3rd 2020
Dear Members,
The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews has today announced new rules for the State businesses with tough new restrictions applying particularly in Melbourne where “non essential” businesses will be shut.
Further to previous advice Agriculture is regarded as essential and this definition includes agricultural machinery, parts and service providers. Therefore, it is the TMA’s position that Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors of Agricultural Machinery, Parts and Service in Melbourne can remain open for business during Stage 4.
A copy of the  Premiers announcement, along with the full details of the restrictions will be shortly posted on our website, however the following are the key items contained in the list of exempt businesses that support this position:
  • Critical manufacturing and repair/maintenance services for the continued operation of permitted industries.
  • Agricultural retailers (drive through only)
  • Transport, freight and logistics required to support the distribution of essential goods. 
All businesses that can remain open have until 11.59pm Friday August 7 to enact a COVID safe plan. 
We believe there will be spot checks carried out to ensure that COVID Safe plans are being followed. We also believe that the QANTAS Freight Terminal at Melbourne Airport may be closed which could affect next day parts deliveries.
We will endeavour to keep you updated as and where possible but in the meantime please continue to consult our website and STAY SAFE!
Kind Regards
Gary Northover, Executive Director
Tractor & Machinery Association of Australia.
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