In 1962 Austin Ryan OAM introduced a world first spring release wide line cultivator called the scaravator. Over a 40 year period Austin introduced machinery to several countries around the world. The company is now managed by his son Paul and has established itself as one of the most innovative agricultural machinery companies in the country and is a renowned market leader in airseeding technology.

When the first airseeders were developed their purpose was to seed with greater productivity and accuracy. Today the same philosophy remains the pivotal goal of every RFM airseeder.

The Ryan Company introduced its airseeding technology to Australia in 1977 and for the first time, farmers had an implement that could work the ground and seed in one pass. It was a sweeping change in agriculture and the first Ryan airseeding systems became part of a revolution in broad acre farming practices.

Austin continued to innovate, widening the remarkable benefits of a venturi air delivery of seed to an array of crops, fertilizer programs and tillage practices. Many thousand acres of small grains are green and growing somewhere in the country right now because they were sown by RFM airseeders.

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