Viva Energy Australia is one of this country’s largest and most successful energy companies. We help Australians reach their destinations. We do this by manufacturing and distributing the fuels, lubricants, chemicals, marine products and bitumen they need to get there.

As the exclusive licensee of Shell Lubricants in Australia, our customers trust our products. But it’s our service that sets Viva Energy apart. Viva Energy is driven by people. Our experienced team is highly skilled and trained to deliver a service that adds genuine value to the bottom line of our customers’ businesses.

In the agricultural sector, we appreciate the need for operational reliability, particularly during peak sowing and harvesting periods. Shell Lubricants can help farmers prolong machinery life, reduce maintenance costs and emissions, and increase equipment availability. From heavy-duty engine oils to specialist lubricants, we supply a wide range of innovative products and supporting services backed up by international expertise.