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August 21, 2023

Fostering Future Leaders in Agriculture: Celebrating Amy Ferguson, Winner of the TMA MacDon John Ciavarella Scholarship 2022-23

It’s been a year since we awarded Amy Ferguson as our inaugural winner of the the 2022-23 TMA MacDon John Ciavarella Scholarship. As Amy prepares to round off her scholarship year, we delve into her inspiring journey, the transformative experiences she has gathered, and her impactful role as a rising female leader in the agriculture industry.

Presently pursuing her Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of Melbourne, Amy has utilised the TMA MacDon John Ciavarella Scholarship to its fullest, leveraging the opportunities it provides to enhance her understanding of the farm machinery sector in Australia.

In Amy’s own words, “I have spent time on farms, with manufacturers, at dealerships, conferences, and field days, all enabled by the financial backing, connections and support provided by the scholarship. Getting to meet and hear from passionate people across the industry has truly been a highlight of the past year and provided perspective and insight unmatched by a conventional university experience. This opportunity has helped me to appreciate the breadth and interconnectedness of Australia’s agriculture sector, and has opened my eyes to the extent of meaningful and exciting workforce possibilities.”

Amy speaks of her dealership visits as an eye-opener, emphasising how they brought to the fore the tangible, community-driven aspects of agriculture. Drawing on her upbringing on a small farming property, these visits served to deepen her understanding of the sector’s essence – one built on trust, quality, and robust communication. Her time at MacDon’s headquarters further broadened her perspective on the sector’s vastness and synergy.

The scholarship, named in honour of the former MacDon manager, John Ciavarella, aims to expand the reach and comprehension of employment and career opportunities within the farm machinery sector. Known for his commitment, dedication, and constant drive to achieve the best for his clients, John Ciavarella embodied the spirit of mentorship. The scholarship seeks to continue his legacy by facilitating educational opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow.

The financial support and connections provided by the TMA MacDon John Ciavarella Scholarship have been instrumental in Amy’s journey. They have not only enabled her to complete her studies but also opened up exciting workforce possibilities. The scholarship’s emphasis on practical industry experience, networking, and learning from industry leaders has undeniably enriched her education and set her on a promising career trajectory. Moreover, Amy’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for other young women considering a career in agriculture.

“As a young woman in agriculture, it’s through opportunities like these that the sector can become more accessible and utterly exciting to be a part of. It is such a privilege to study, learn and work in this industry, and though as a sector we face immense challenges, I believe it’s through community, trust, and learning that we can thrive,” Amy said.

The TMA congratulates Amy on her stellar achievements and is excited about her future prospects in Australia’s agriculture industry. We look forward to following her continued growth, just as we remain committed to cultivating other promising talent through initiatives like the TMA MacDon John Ciavarella Scholarship. The future of the farm machinery sector in Australia certainly looks bright.