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July 4, 2022

Kynetec strengthens machinery sector market insights in Australia and New Zealand

Adding to its research capabilities to enhance the value of market insights, Kynetec has acquired Agriview, an Australian business that measures and reports machinery and seasonal agricultural equipment sales in Australia and New Zealand for the benefit of agricultural machinery manufacturers and distributors.

In addition to the Agriview acquisition, Kynetec and the Tractor and Machinery Association (TMA) of Australia and the New Zealand Tractor and Machinery Association (TAMA) have entered in to a 5-year agreement to provide Kynetec with the sales data which they will audit, aggregate and process initially through Agriview’s proprietary software to provide monthly market data and other analyses to the machinery sector.

Alan Kirsten, the previous owner of Agriview will continue with Kynetec on a part-time consultancy basis for the foreseeable future. All other former employees of Agriview will transition to Kynetec.

“The agreements we have in place with the TMA and TAMA, both of which fully represent the tractor and machinery industry for their respective countries, will enable us to provide machinery manufacturers and distributors with continuity regarding monthly industry retail sales data,” comments James Finlay, Senior Director Kynetec Australia.

Alan Kirsten adds “I am excited for the future of Agriview with Kynetec. Established in 1990, Agriview has a long and respected history. Looking to the future, combining Agriview with Kynetec’s strong capabilities in delivery platforms, blending 3rd party data sources and advanced analytics skills will take Agriview to a new level,
reporting and analysing the market at national, state, regional or customized area level for both Australia and New Zealand.”

Representing the TMA of Australia, Gary Northover, Executive Director said “Our members rely on robust market information to enable them to make informed business decisions. We are pleased that Kynetec has the potential to further develop the scope of market analysis and reporting across all the core sectors of the machinery market.”