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May 28, 2020

Letter of Appreciation:;;

To Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of our Company and the Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers of Australia, I would like to congratulate the Australian Government on the recent changes to the Instant Asset Write-Off incentive program in March this year.

The program has not only had a direct impact in stimulating additional agricultural machinery sales for our Company at a time of year which traditionally tapers off, but also has had a flow-on positive effect throughout the industry and into the wider community.

In such uncertain times, the program has provided a welcome boost to the morale of our staff and more importantly extended job security.

At Board of Directors level, we agreed that our appreciation should be made known.

Our Board also recognises that with uncertain times ahead, especially considering China’s recent decision to impose an 80% import tariff on Australian Barley, ongoing agricultural machinery sales may be negatively impacted.

In light of these recent disappointing developments, we would greatly appreciate that consideration be given to extend the IAWO program to assist Australian Manufacturing until June 2021.

We see this as a means of maintaining the momentum of Australian made agricultural machinery sales and offsetting the impact of China’s decision.

Being a member of the Tractor & Machinery Association of Australia, we are aware that requests for an extension by similar industry representative bodies have also been submitted.

Similar to a number of our industry colleagues, we have experienced lost sales due to our inability to meet the deadline and agree with the reasoning of similar submissions, requesting for an extension to meet the demand.

Looking forward to your continued support.


WAYNE GASON | Managing Director