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December 18, 2017

New ATV Safety Website


 14 December 2017


A new website which provides comprehensive information about how Australian riders can stay safe on their ATV has gone live.

Australia’s peak vehicle industry body, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, has been developing the new-look website to refresh and replace a previous safety site, while providing a wealth of up-to-date information and features for consumers.

Found at, the new site covers a range of interesting topics within the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), has a media section, safety videos, a snapshot of the history of ATVs, links to the various manufacturers and most importantly, the key safe operation tips.

The industry takes ATV rider safety very seriously and does not support the fitment of aftermarket bars and devices like ROPS and CPDs which claim to save lives, but offer no evidence to support this contention.

The ATV industry’s Five Star Safe User Guide says:

  1.  Choose a vehicle which is fit for purpose – for the task and the rider.
  2. Wear a helmet – the most effective safety device.
  3. Receive proper training – will allow you to fully understand both the ATV’s features and its limitations.
  4. Don’t allow passengers on single seat ATVs, and no kids under 16 on adult size ATVs.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s guidance and warnings.

An important feature of this website is a link to the online training module which the industry funded and developed to help inform and assist ATV riders in remote areas who do not have ready access to conventional training courses.

The 30-minute on-line course is followed by a 20-question quiz to establish participant learning and understanding of the issues. A certificate can be printed off on successful completion of the course.


For more information, contact:

Mark Collins,

ATV Manager


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