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August 2, 2017

What did you say?

This year, with our sponsor Hardman Communications, we tried something new – live polling alongside our speaker sessions. The polls were well received and the insights, encouraging. Here are the results.

Poll 1

Q1. What will be the most important way for a dealer or OEM to market itself in the future? 

Digital scored the highest with voters indicating they see a lot of opportunity in promotion and online lead management.

Question 1

Q2. What is the biggest challenge in the dealer / OEM dynamic?

Communication was highlighted as the main challenge here. Coming together as an industry – dealers and OEM’s alike will be important.

Question 2

Poll 2

Q1. When I think about the economic outlook, I think the future is:

A resounding 91% see the outlook as positive or very positive. A great baseline for us to grow.

Question 3

Q2. The biggest economic challenge in our industry is: 

Short term thinking is seen as a real challenge for the industry followed by market volatility.

Question 4

Poll 3

Q1. My biggest concern about our future workforce is:

Access to skilled labour in regional Australia continues to be a major concern.

Question 5

Q2. What should we tell people about our industry?

The fact we are a dynamic industry with good career prospects is a great message to attract newcomers to our industry.

Question 6

Thank you for taking part in the polls, we had an over 50% response rate, which is great. If you’d like to talk to us about communications – print, digital or social, please drop us a line.